2018 - The Year of the Healthy and Happy Office

2018 - The Year of the Healthy and Happy Office

The health and happiness of employees can directly reflect on business productivity, so enhancing these can only be good for business. There are many ways businesses can allow staff to work healthier and ultimately happier. Some of these include;

- Offering more flexibility to employees in terms of work hours and the opportunity to work from home

- Encouraging and allowing employees to work in diverse roles as well as taking extended leave to broaden their life experiences

- Improved facilities such as installing showers to allow staff to ride/run to work

- Introduce ergonomic furniture and accessories such as Sit and Stand Desks to allow staff to move more at work

Having flexibility is highly valued by all employees. The ability to work at times that suit them and their life means they work happier and in many cases better during this time. This flexibility allows them to spend more time with family and friends which will also increase their overall happiness.

For some staff a change of role or even a change in office layout can reinvigorate and give them a fresh outlook. For those staff that require constant challenges the opportunity to try a different role could be just what's needed to work at their best. Employers that encourage rather than quash diversification are often rewarded with happier and more productive staff. While giving staff the opportunity to take extended leave and travel may put some pressure on the business, it gives them valuable life experiences than will inevitably make them better people and better employees.

Introducing facilities such as showers so staff can ride or run to work is a valuable investment in staff wellbeing. While it may not be physically or financially feasible to do this at the existing premises, it may be worth considering for future office relocations. It may be even possible to share facilities with neighboring businesses who already have them and therefore share the costs involved.

There is no doubt the cost of introducing ergonomic furniture such as Sit and Stand Desks is higher than standard desks. This needs to be considered an investment in staff wellbeing and requires not only a change in furniture, but also a change in way staff work. The reward for doing so is healthier, happier employees who move more as they work. This enables then to operate at a more productive level than if they are stagnant throughout their day.


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