Better Ergonomics at Home

Better Ergonomics at Home

For some reason many of us seem to forget about good ergonomics when working at home (sometimes even in our office).

Whether you find yourself working at the dining table in the least ergonomic chairs ever made, or even worse on the couch, you're probably never thinking about the health of your spine at the time. So while you’re here, you might want to think about good Home Ergonomics and you should at least consider how long you're sitting and about fitting in a few more breaks.

You’d be surprised how much you'd love being able to sit or stand as you work with a stylish electrically height adjustable desk. They are about being an easy to use tool, allowing you the freedom of working differently. Your ideal desk height is adjustable in seconds and each changeover is at your discretion.

If you'd like some more heart felt ergonomic advice, just send us a quick email. It may or may not mean using an electric Sit and Stand Desk. We’re happy helping people like yourself, looking for better ways of looking after themselves at home (or while they work). Keep in mind we have a display showroom in Footscray, only 10 minutes from the Melbourne CBD on the edge of the Docklands. Drop in to check out our Sit and Stand Desks as well as our ergonomic chairs. We also sell Desktop Platforms allowing you to convert any desk to a Height Adjustable Desk.

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