Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk

Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk

Buying a Height Adjustable or Standing Desk can seem fairly confusing at first. Should you go with a desktop platform or full desk? What colours or sizes are available? So here’s some helpful advice to make your decision of selecting the best Sit and Stand Desk easier.

Manual Desktop Platforms or Electric Desk Frames?

There are now various standing desk solutions available. These come in the form of either a manually adjustable desktop platform or a complete standing desk with electric height adjustment controls.

The benefits of the desktop platform is it's portability and in some cases these are more affordable. They also allow users to take the desk with them if they move to a different desk or work from home and have a multi purpose work space. The down side of these platforms is the don't offer the same stability or desktop surface as a full desk frame.

If looking for a complete standing desk there are manual or wind up height adjustable desk frames available. Our experience is that the effort involved in manually winding up or down a desk means users don't make regular adjustments and therefore don't use these desks to their full potential. For that reason we only recommend and offer electric desk frames.

What Electric Frame Model & Desktop Should I Choose?

1. How much weight you intend to put on the desk (Load Rating)?

All frames have a load rating to ensure the motor matches your working needs. Consider how much weight you would be likely to have on your desk at any given time and keep in mind the higher the load rating the stronger the frame will be. Usually the load rating is also an indication of how many motors the desk has. Those with a higher rating will have two motors meaning these will better withstand regular usage.

2. How much you'd like to spend?

Before you set your budget try taking these factors into consideration. While this product can add aesthetic style and be a great talking piece, it's mainly about improving your health. Think about what you'd spend on other items such as mattresses when considering what to spend on a desk that greatly improves your health when used correctly. Also, if it's used for work purposes you may benefit from some tax advantages which always helps.

3. What colour & style Frame and Desktop would best suit your decor?

Sit and Stand Desk frames are available in Silver, White or Black powder coated steel. The style of these varies depending on the size of desktop required and the load rating. We recommend choosing a frame that best blends with your existing decor and selecting a desktop finish that adds style to your office. Some of our smaller desk frames have castors allowing them to be moved easily. These frames suit a smaller space and allow sharing the desk if required.

4. How Firm Do You Need your Desktop?

Depending on how you intend to use the desk you may require a particularly firm desktop. All our frames are very stable in terms of frame structure but if you require a very firm surface with no flex we recommend you choose one of the more heavy duty frames. This may be necessary if using the desk for drawing or craft work.

5. What Size Desktop?

We have standard desktops of 1200, 1600, 1800 and 2000mm wide and 750mm deep. These are the most economical options but we welcome any requests for a custom size, shape or finish to suit you office space. We can even do solid timber desktops if that's what you're after. Try to measure out the top in the chosen space to see how it will fit. Keep in mind you need access to power to plug the desk in. Also consider the height adjustments so the desk will still function safely with nearby furniture or fittings as it's being adjusted up or down.

6. Special Features

Most Sit and Stand Desk frames have similar features such as 1 or 2 motors and an electric controller button. Some offer extra safety features such as Anti Collision Technology which means they will stop going up or down if they come in contact with a solid object. Others require pressing 2 buttons simultaneously as a child safety feature. Some feature controllers with a number of memory settings allowing you to program up to 4 heights for easy adjustment.

This covers much of what you need to know when buying your Sit and Stand Desk. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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