How to get the most from a Standing Desk

How to get the most from a Standing Desk

The concept of using a height adjustable desk is not about standing or sitting, it's about having the ability to move more as you work.

Many people have the misconception that getting a Sit and Stand Desk is all about trying to stand for as much time as possible. This is of course just as bad for your joints as sitting if done for an extended period of time. So the point of having a sit and stand desk is to allow you to do both sitting and standing, which does make sense when you think about it.

Constant movement throughout the day allows pressure relief for your spine after sitting and for your leg joints and muscles after standing. Other health benefits from using a height adjustable desk include better circulation, improve blood pressure levels and burning calories. Basically the more active you can be at your desk, the better you will feel.

The changes you face once you have a Sit Stand Desk do take some effort as it is a change from the way you're used to working. As mentioned by David Hall from PHW Group in his recent article 'Is Standing at Work Healthy?', he states .."the switch (to Sit and Stand Desks) needs to be combined with a "culture" of movement that pervades the organisation."

(See David's full article here

When used in the correct way, a Sit and Stand or Height Adjustable Desk will allow far more movement as you work. Combine this with a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and plenty of sleep and you'll feel considerably better throughout your work day.

For info on what Sit and Stand Desk might best suit you, check out our recent article 'Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk'. If you're based in Melbourne Australia feel free to drop into our display showroom with a number of working electric height adjustable desks to try before you buy. We also have various ergonomic products such as chairs, desk platforms, monitor arms and laptop risers you can test and experience their benefits.

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