Improve Ergonomics and Move More at Work in 2017

Improve Ergonomics and Move More at Work in 2017

Creating a healthier ergonomic set up to suit your body is a great first step. Then you need to move more.

Ergonomically it may be as simple as reviewing your posture, the position of your keyboard or the height & distance of your monitor. In some cases it may mean investing in better quality ergonomic seating and for those who find themselves seated for long periods a sit and stand desk or desktop platform could be of great benefit.

By definition, ergonomic is ‘relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’. So put simply, a couple of reams of paper that sit your monitor at the correct height to make you feel comfortable is an ergonomic product. Taking a step further and using a monitor arm means you can set the monitor at a perfect height and distance from your eyes. The point is that creating better ergonomics is not all about spending more money, it’s thinking about how you work and ensuring that you do so as efficiently and comfortably to suit your body.

But we now know that even the most efficient and comfortable ergonomic set up is not healthy if we sit for too long. Ergonomics can only get you so far, you need to move. Once again this doesn’t mean everyone needs to invest in a sit stand desk solution. It may be as simple as setting an alarm on your computer that reminds you every 30 minutes to get up off your chair and move. The good thing about moving is it’s free, and there’s thousands of ways to do it in your office.

Using a sit and stand desk doesn’t necessarily allow you to move like taking a walk to the kitchen might, but it does allow enough of a physical change to continue working while using a different set of muscles and skeletal postures. You should still take that walk regularly but you can create more varied movement and posture while remaining at your desk. I’ve been using an electric sit stand desk now for over 2 years and even when I’m sitting and heavily focused on my work, my body tells me it’s time to stand up, so I do. I quite honestly don’t think I could go back to a standard desk.

So number one goal for a healthier 2017 should be ‘move more’. If you’d like more info about ergonomic products such as monitor stands, office chairs or sit and stand desk solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check out our chat with Ryan Ebert, a practicing Physiotherapist re the benefits of using a sit and stand desk

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