Office Fit Out with Sit and Stand Desks

Office Fit Out with Sit and Stand Desks

There is no better way to show your appreciation for your staff than to give them a safe and healthy workplace. Yes, this can cost more than a standard desk but for the small difference in price you will see a huge difference in employee productivity, health and happiness.

At Sit and Stand Desks we are finding more and more businesses both private and government are investing in their teams health and well being by supplying them with height adjustable desks. Rather than a reactive purchase for those already having back issues, many businesses are fitting out new offices with electric sitting and standing desks as a proactive move to insure against such issues. The ability to move position from sitting to standing and back many times through the day enables staff to avoid the types of injuries that occur after prolonged periods in one position.

There are a wide range of desk frames in terms of style, functionality and price. We can work with you to find the one that suits all these factors for your business. We can come to your office to discuss the possibilities or you can visit our Footscray showroom to see our wide range of electric standing desk frames in action. We are just on the Maribyrnong river so only about 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

So when you're looking to improve the health and happiness of your staff, give us a call. Our in depth knowledge of the ergonomic products available along with our experience in fitting out offices makes us the expert choice. Our aim is to make it easy for you to achieve the perfect office for your valuable team of staff.

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