Turn Your Desk into a Height Adjustable Desk

Turn Your Desk into a Height Adjustable Desk

There are a number of electric Sit Stand Desk frames that can be retro fitted to turn your desk or workstation into a height adjustable desk. We have been able to assist many of our customers in fitting an electric standing desk frame under their existing desktop which saves money and the environment and gives their staff a greatly improved ergonomic workplace.

We can visit your Melbourne office and assess your existing desk or workstation to determine whether the option of retro fitting an electric sit and stand desk frame is possible. We don't charge to make this visit, it is simply part of our quality customer service. During the visit we can determine such factors as the size and load rating of the frame required to work with the existing desk top, whether there are any obstacles to the height adjustable frame's vertical movement and the colour and style that might fit with existing decor.

Once of the major obstacles for offices with workstations is how the divider screens are supported when the existing desk frame is removed. In many cases just replacing 1 or 2 desk tops is not a problem as the other desk frames can continue to support the divider screens, but if many desk frames are being removed there are other options to support existing divider screens. This includes some electric standing desk frames having an arm that attaches to the frame and secures the base of the divider screen. If the screens are floor mounted they can usually be supported enough by the other screens where they intersect. During our free assessment we can determine all the options based on your existing desks, workstations and requirements.

In some cases the design and construction of existing desk or workstation frames and divider screens does not allow for an electric height adjustable frame to be fitted. In these cases we can discuss our sit and stand desktop platform options with you. These platforms sit on top of your existing desk top and usually require very little assembly or installation. They are available in a number of sizes and styles to suit various office environments. Our range are all quality products that can allow users to sit and stand at their correct ergonomic height through their working day.

The financial benefit of retro fitting height adjustable desk frames is quite considerable. It can mean a saving of up to $150 per desk which over a number of desks can add up to a large amount saved. With frames available in white, silver or black there is almost always an option to suit existing decor. During the process of retro fitting a sit stand desk frame we remove the whole existing frame whether that is metal or timber and this can usually be either sold or stored to create more desks in the future.

One of the greatest benefits of reusing existing desk tops when installing electric height adjustable desk frames is that of an environmental saving. We encourage our customers to consider re-using any of their existing furniture in our sit and stand desk fit outs. It makes sense that if existing desktops are still in good order that they be re used rather than be put in land fill as often happens when furniture gets upgraded. We have found that the addition of our sit and stand desk frames adds a stylish new look to the existing work-space. We recommend either trying to sell or even offer for free the removed desk frames so these are also not put to waste.

Please feel free to contact us and ask about retro fitting height adjustable desk frames in your office to give your staff the healthy benefit of moving more as they work. We will happily visit your Melbourne office and chat to you about all the options whether these are retro fitted electric sit stand desk frames or the addition of sit and stand desk top platforms.

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