The Up Side of Sit and Stand Desks

Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk or Desktop Unit

So you want to be able to sit and stand as you work but which desk will suit you best?

Here’s a few tips on what’s available and how to choose the model to suit you. Firstly, decide if you need the whole desk to go up and down or just a desktop unit to sit on an existing desk. Desktop units are lower in price, smaller and therefore more portable, so if you move desks you can take them with you. Complete desks that raise and lower are higher in price, but they are larger and allow you to have everything at the one height. They also place the desk top higher and lower than desktop units. You can buy wind up complete desks, but to use it properly and move position regularly we recommend electric desks. Manual desktop units are
ok if you can physically lift but there are also some great electric units available, so they are worth considering.


Customising Sit and Stand Desks

Just having a height adjustable desk allows users to customise the height to suit their position being seated or standing. But these desks can be easily customised to suit any space and décor. Desk frames come in white, black or silver and are usually adjustable in width so one frame can suit many top sizes from 1200mmW to 2100mmW. The desktops can be made in many different materials and different finishes to suit or enhance your décor. You can even use an existing top of have one made from such materials as recycled timber if you prefer.


Get the Most from a Sit and Stand Desk

The concept of using a height adjustable desk is not about standing or sitting, its about having the ability to move more as you work. Many people have the misconception that getting a Sit and Stand Desk is all about trying to stand for as much time as possible. This is of course just as bad for your joints as sitting if done for an extended period of time. It may sound simple but we recommend you just listen to your body and change position every time you start to feel uncomfortable. That could mean only standing or sitting for 10 minutes and that’s ok, just keep
changing position.

Improve Ergonomics and Move More

Creating a healthier ergonomic set up to suit your body is a great first step. Then you need to move more. Ergonomics by definition is ‘relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’. So that may mean reviewing your current setup and making some adjustments to your chair or keyboard position. There are many ergonomic consultants who can help with, offering assessments and training for staff. It may mean investing in a new more ergonomic chair or monitor arm to set your monitor at a better ergonomic height. But just sitting ergonomically is not enough if you don’t move regularly. Having a sit and stand desk can be a big help to allow you to make those positional changes, but also try to take breaks and move from your desk.

Office Fit Outs with Sit and Stand Desks

There is no better way to show your appreciation for your staff than to give them a safe and healthy workplace. Yes, this may come at a higher monetary cost but for the small difference in price you will see a huge difference in employee productivity, health and happiness. With many styles and layouts available we can help you select either individual desks or banks of workstations with or without divider screens. These come in many styles and sizes so ask us to make a free site visit to help you select desks to suit your space. Also if you’d like to see these desks in action, we lots of models to see and try in our Footscray showroom.

Home Office Ergonomics

Many of us leave our ergonomics at the office and are set up in some very non-ergonomic workspaces at home. From using a dining chair at a dining table to sitting with a laptop on their lap on the lounge, this is no doubt where people can acquire many of their back issues. We encourage folks to consider their home work environment and try to make improvements that reflect good ergonomics. This could include a decent chair with quality foam and good lumbar support, a desk surface that is not too high or too low and a monitor or laptop stand to get your monitor at an ergonomic height. Obviously having a height adjustable desk or desk top unit would be beneficial. We can supply full desks in various colours with desktops in a finish to match existing décor and therefore not look too corporate in a home environment. Alternatively, a desk top sit and stand unit is lower in price and more portable so it could be moved to one side on an existing table or desk.