Workplace Health and Ergonomics

Creating a Healthy and Happy Office Environment
The health and happiness of those working in an office can directly reflect on business productivity, so enhancing these can only be good for business. There are many ways individuals and businesses can improve their environment to work healthier and ultimately happier.

These include improved facilities such as showers and change rooms for staff to
exercise during the day. Offering healthy food such as a company stocked fruit bowl in the staff kitchen.

Flexible hours allowing staff to have a quality work-life balance. Introducing better
ergonomic office furniture such as sit and stand desks, ergonomic office chairs and accessories such as monitor arms.

While putting in showers or change rooms may be a costly exercise, these can be a shared resource between neighbouring businesses and therefore the cost could be shared.

Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of allowing staff to exercise before, during, or after work, which is made possible by having somewhere to shower and change.

The obvious benefit is the exercise but those who are getting active through the day are more alert and productive through the work day.

Flexibility is often a key factor in job satisfaction. Whether that is to offer staff flexible hours to allow them more time to exercise, play sport, or spend time with family, there are many flow on benefits. While the possibility for flexibility can vary between businesses, if managers are prepared to think outside the square, they can be rewarded with happier more committed staff who have a positive work life balance.

It is possible to combine style and ergonomics as we have shown in a number of recent fit outs where we have incorporated sit and stand desks as well as comfortable break out spaces for staff to move away from their desk. In some cases, this does not require a full office fit out, and even existing desk tops can be used with the frames being replaced by electric sit and stand desk frames.

Sit and stand desks can be arranged in the same layout as similar fixed height
workstations and in many cases, we can supply a mix of fixed and adjustable height desks that essentially look the same but can be less expensive than having all adjustable height desks.

There are a few models of desk frames that can be upgraded to become a sit and stand desk over time should the budget allow for this. It may not be necessary to invest in full sit and stand desks.

There are many desk top sit and stand units that can be retro fitted on existing desk tops. These are lower in price and can still allow staff to change position as they work.

It may be worth investing in an ergonomic assessment for all staff to be sure they have a good ergonomic set up at their workspace.

Following this it may be necessary to purchase such items as monitor stands or arms to place monitors in a more comfortable viewing position.

Other accessories such as an ergonomic chair to encourage better posture or a footrest to allow shorter users to sit and still have their feet
on a solid surface.