Arrow Tablet Stand


Have you found it difficult to type when using a tablet? Or if using it as a screen has it been too low causing your neck to bend and feel uncomfortable? You now have the solution for both in the Arrow Tablet Stand.

Typing Setting

In this configuration the Arrow stand offers users the unique ergonomic and comfort benefits of a built in wrist support whilst also lifting the screen to an improved height and angle of 22 degrees.

Viewing Setting

The arrow offers 2 height settings and 5 angle settings allowing you to position the screen in an ergonomic position for use with and external keyboard, video conferencing or simply watching the screen.

Product Details

  • Offers 2 ergonomic purposes in typing and viewing
  • Folds ultra flat to only 7mm thick to be easily stored and transported
  • Supports tablets in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Super light weight at only 207 grams
  • Ports are easily accessed when the tablet is in the stand


  • Folded Size - 241mmW x 201mmD x 7mmH
  • Typing Setting Size - 241mmW x 201mmD x 45mmH
  • Viewing Setting Size - 241mmW x 201mmD x 180-190mmH

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