Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Footrest


The Fellowes Professional Series Ultimate Foot Support allows you to sit in an ergonomically correct position no matter what height you are. With a comfortable surface designed for correct feet position you will reduce lower back strain as you sit. This is a footrest that allows multiple users to sit ergonomically.

Product Detail

  • Width: 450mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Material: Polyethylene/HDPE
  • 3 Height Adjustments
  • No fixed angle to encourage rocking foot movement
  • Rubber surface for grip and bumps to massage soles
  • Platform design to encourage correct position of feet
  • Elevates feet and legs to relieve lower back pressure


Height Adjustments of 100mm, 135mm and 165mm.
Surface Dimension 45cm wide x 34cm deep

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