Mobile Spin Desk Bike for use with Height Adjustable Desks


Why just stand when you can ride while you work?

The new Spin Desk Bike allows you to exercise as you work. All you need is a height adjustable desk to allow space to sit and pedal. Having tested this product in our office we found it easier than expected to get used to riding and working. Some said you almost forgot you were riding after a few minutes.

This spin bike allows you to easily adjust the seat height and with load locking castors is very stable when you sit on it. It includes an integrated digital display with statistics such as time, distance, speed, and calorie usage. You can adjust the resistance to allow for varying levels of intensity as you ride.

The bike is whisper quiet allowing multiple units to be used in an open office space and not interrupt fellow workers.


  • Load Capacity - 136kg
  • Height - 942mm
  • Width - 590mm
  • Depth - 757mm
  • Seat Height Range - 752-942mmH

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