Sylex Helsinki Gas Lift Height Adjustable Table with Castors


The Helsinki height adjustable table is perfect for those looking for a mobile sit and stand desk solution. With a top size of 600mm x 600mm there is plenty of room for a laptop or to read documents or write as you stand.

This unit comes with a sturdy metal frame and a stylish beveled top all finished in white. It can be easily moved around with it's smooth castors that can then be locked to keep it in one position.

The height can be easily adjusted using a paddle under the top. To lift you simply pull up the paddle and the gas lift will raise the unit. To lower you again pull the paddle and push down the top until reaching your desired height. This height adjustment mechanism is very similar to that of an office chair.

Product Details

  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Melamine
  • Max. Height (cm): 105 cm
  • Width (cm): 60 cm
  • Depth (cm): 60 cm
  • Ergonomic: Yes
  • Table top 60cm x 60cm to suit laptop
  • Lockable Castors for moving unit around
  • Height Range 682mmH to 1050mmH
  • Manual height adjustment using paddle under top
  • Gas lift height adjustment (similar to an office chair)


Table Size: 600mm x 600mm
Height Range: 682-1050mmH

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